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thumb sqwuggies


9" Squeak & Tug Fire Hose Toy

thumb minisqwuggies

Mini SqwuggiesTM

Smaller version of our popular fire hose toy

thumb supersqwuggies

Super SqwuggiesTM

13" Squeak & Tug Fire Hose Toy

thumb frequentflyer

Frequent Flyer

Primary Shapes! Primary Colors! Primary FUN!

thumb minifrequentflyer

Mini Frequent Flyer

Primary Shapes! Primary Colors! Primary FUN!

thumb xyz

XYZ Fire Hose Dog Toys

The New Pick of the Letter XYZ Dog Toys!

thumb doubletug

Double TugTM

Tough Hose and 2 Handles!

thumb minidoubletug

Mini Double TugTM

Smaller version of the Double TugTM

thumb bigtug

The Big TugTM

15" of Tough Fire Hose and an 18" handle for Tugging Fun!

thumb bottletracker

Bottle Tracker

A great way to recycle your water bottles. Crunch, fetch and train!

thumb heavehose

Heave HoseTM Originals Float 'n Fetch Toys

4 sizes to fit every dog!

thumb puppytrainers

Puppy Trainers

Tahoe's TrainersTM

thumb justplainbumper

Just Plain Bumper

Phthalate Free Dog Toy

thumb riverrope

River Rope and Puppy Training Rope

Lots of rope to attach to your toy so if your dog doesn't bring it back, you can!

thumb pouchwithclip

Treat Pouch with Clip

TRAINER APPROVED great for dog agility, training or just out for a walk

thumb fetchandreward

Fetch & RewardTM Velcro Enclosure Pouch

Tahoe's TrainersTM

thumb stuffnfetch

Stuff 'n Fetch ItTM Velcro Enclosure Pouch!

Tahoe's TrainersTM

thumb contrabag

ContraBagTM Velcro Enclosure Pouch!

Tahoe's TrainersTM

thumb cetylmyristoleate

Cetyl Myristoleate Joint Supplement for Dogs

Myristin Special Canine Formula Chewables

thumb myristin

Myristin & Myrist-Aid

Joint Supplement with Cetyl Myristoleate for Humans with Joint Problems

thumb leapolive

LEAP Olive Extract

100% Organic supplement for aching joints

thumb vitalvities

Vital Vities Vitamins Supplement for Pets

Developed by holistic veterinarian, Dr. Deva Khalsa

thumb inthecompany

In The the Company of Newfies

A true love story for anyone whose pet is their soul mate!

thumb 4paws

4 PAWS Pad and Nose Moisturizer

An all Natural Pet Balm for dry cracked feet, noses and overall protection