kb photo1Why Katie's Bumpers Are Great!

  • Katie's Bumpers were designed with both humans and dogs in mind.
  • Katie's Bumpers are fun and cool and unique.
  • Katie's Bumpers are safe for everyone. All of the designs on the bumpers are molded into the non-toxic vinyl as part of the manufacturing process. It is not painted on and therefore will not come off in your dog's mouth.
  • Whether you are a serious dog trainer doing land or water work or you have a dog that loves to fetch, Katie's Bumpers are great.
  • They are easy for you and your dog to see in just about any setting or weather condition.
  • They have just the right amount of weight for a good toss.
  • When they roll on the ground or on the water, everyone can find them.
  • We have tested them in pools, in the ocean, lakes and reservoirs and every dog has gotten their new patterned bumper.
  • They are easy to wash. You can throw them in the sink and use a little soap and water to get the day's dirt off, or throw them in the dishwasher.

Unusual Uses For Katie's Bumpers

  • I just spoke with a woman who is getting her PhD in Environmental Ecology.  She is training her 2 Dutch Shepards to find scat in the wild.  In other words, her dogs will be on permanent poop patrol in the wild so they can do research on wild animal behavior.  She is getting a Super Sqwuggie and a Big Tug.
  • We supply a few police departments and police canine training centers with “drug sqwugs”. These are squeakerless sqwuggies with Velcro bottoms.  The drug and bomb dogs and their trainers are able to put simulated drugs and bomb “stuff” in the toys.  They are extremely versatile for the handlers. 
  • For years, Search and Rescue groups have special ordered various configurations of sqwuggies and heave hose for land and water rescue work.  We work with different teams to build custom products to help them improve their training.
  • Water rescue dogs, such as newfoundlands and portueguese water dogs, have been using Katie’s Bumpers since the day we started making our toys.  Actually, Katie’s Bumpers were designed for Newfie water rescue tests.  They have become staples in all of the water kits and meet specifications for both breed water tests.
  • Dock Dogs:  Many people competing in Dock Dogs are using Katie’s Bumpers!  They throw well, are easy to see and make a great target for the dogs in the pool and on open water. See Murphy’s picture in the Photo Gallery doing a big long jump with his red bumper!  Murphy and Cindy are sponsored by Katies Bumpers. 
  • Canine Rehab Centers:  We are fortunate enough to have a fantastic canine Rehab center, Canine Rehabiltation and Conditioning Group, in the Denver area.  They have a great indoor pool and wonderful facilities to help dogs heal.  CRCG’s favorite pool toy are Katie’s Bumpers.
  • Doggie Day Care:  We have a great Doggie Day Care Program.  They can buy “cosmetically imperfect” seconds for their day care.  With the kind of wear and tear dog toys get, we know that a good game of tug with any of the fire hose toys will last a good long time.