kb photo2Is your club interested in having a Katie's Bumpers fundraiser?We have just the perfect plan for you. It is easy, profitable, and simple and will help out your club, and everyone will have fun with their new Katie's Bumpers! Whether you have small or giant breeds, training for agility, water work, hunting or schutzhund, we have toys for all dogs. Here is how it works:

Please submit the request form below for the dog club fundraiser packet from Katie's Bumper. All fields must be complete, unless otherwise indicated.

Once we have received and approved your application, Katie's Bumpers will contact you to discuss your event and figure out the best way to get you started. Your club will be responsible for:

  1. Getting your club members interested in Katie's Bumpers.
  2. Telling your club members about the fundraiser. We suggest you send an email or put something in your newsletter.
  3. Taking orders. Payments must be collected with cash, check or credit card. Feel free to open and print out the order form.
    Download Katie's Bumpers Retail Order Form.
  4. Sending orders in to Katie's Bumpers with payment. If all of the orders are going to one address to be distributed at your next club event, you will need to provide us with one ship-to address. If your club members order directly, we need to make sure that the members indicate their club or event name so the club gets credit.

Katie's Bumpers will be responsible for:

  1. Getting the products to you in time for your event.
  2. Sending a check back to the club for the donation portion of every sale.



Fundraising & Events Application